Born in the heart of one of the most diversified areas in the United States, the San Francisco Bay Area, RJR was founded in 2015 by Roman Jerell Robinson. While traveling France and Israel, Robinson struggled to find high quality fashion pieces that encompassed style and convenience. He then came up with the idea to create the first breathable fedora hat along with a custom travel bag to carry it in throughout his journey. 

    During that same year, Robinson meet stranger turned friend Adrianna Driscoll -- who at the time was months aways from graduating with her Textile Design degree at the  Academy Arts in San Francisco, CA. With Driscoll's natural talent for design, and Robinson's vision, the two were able to combine their talents to design and create RJR's first accessory, the Chapeau Raymond fedora.

    Today, RJR's fedora hats are all hand made with quality in mind. Each fedora hat is named after a family member who has either inspired Robinson, or been of significant influence in his life. 

    As the brand expands, RJR will always be committed to bringing men and women high quality fashion pieces that are not just accessories, but a lifestyle that promotes diversity, community and style without compromising convenience.