All of RJR Fedoras are handmade with the highest of quality in mind. However, all accessories can experience everyday wear and tear. In order to keep your hat looking new, we provide free hat cleaning, just pay the shipping!



1. Steaming

2. Rid any and all spots

3. Hat stretching if needed

4. Re-stiffen

5. Re-sewing lining in hat



1. Fill Out Form

Follow the prompts and state your name, email, home address, and a brief description of the item(s).


2. Shipping Information

After completing the required form, we will email you with shipping destination needed to send back your items(s).


3. Send Your Hat

Send item(s) to the provided shipping destination. The estimated cost of shipping there and back is $26.00. Receive hat back to perfect condition in 7-10 business days. 

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